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Organizations and Instructors with direct ties to Chito-ryu Karate-do

                            Tsuruoka Karate






Masami Tsuruoka, Hanshi.

Masami Tsuruoka, Hanshi (Jan 12, 1929- ) began his martial arts training in Judo, but feeling he was too small for the sport of Judo and after seeing a demonstration of Kempo Karate in  given by Dr. Chitose, he soon became a student of Tsuyoshi Chitose. In 1949, he was awarded the rank of Sho-dan in Chitose's Kempo Karate (later to be termed Chito-ryu by Chitose). In 1956, after being ranked at Ni-dan he returned to Canada. In 1957, Tsuruoka would open the very first karate school in Canada and thereafter be known as the "Father of Canadian Karate."

                              [Tsuruoka Karate Logo]





Tsuruoka Karate Patch


       Masuru Inomoto                                                                

                 Karate Patches                          Kobudo Patch                                                                                                                     

                                              Ryusei Karate

  Ken Sakamoto

Ken Sakamoto  (Feb 2, 1949- ), who studied with Dr. Chitose for many years, founded Ryusei (Dragon Spirit or Dragon Hand) Chito-ryu in 1997. In 2001, the Chito-ryu was droped from the association's name Today it is referred to as Ryusei Karate-do.

     Ryusei Karate-do Patch           


                                                        Renshikan Karate

  David Akutagawa

David Akutagawa originally studied Shito-ryu and Shoto-kan karate before meeting and training under Masami Tsuruoka, Sensei. Tsuruoka Sensei introduced Akutagawa to Dr. Chitose after which time Akutagawa would make many trips to Japan to train with the Chito-ryu Karate Master.  In the early 1970's Akutagawa, Sensei was appointed as the Vice Councilor of the Canadian Chito-ryu Association by Dr. Chitose. Akutagawa Sensei resigned from the International Chito-kai in December 1996 and founded the Renshikan Karate Association in January 1997.

Renshikan Patch and Family Crest of Sensei Akutagawa

                                                               Yoshukai Karate

                                                                                                   Mamoru Yamamoto (1938- ) Founder of Yoshukai Karate.  A top student of Dr. Chitose, Yamamoto Sensei, 8th Dan-Kyoshi in Chito-ryu, would leave Chitose in 1971, at which time he would develop his own organization changing the name of his dojo in Kitakyushu from Yoshukan to Yoshukai.  (US Director Shihan Hiroaki Toyama is standing to Yamamoto Sensei's right side and US Director Shihan Mike Culbreth is standing to Yamamoto Sensei's left side.)

Mamoru Yamamoto's Original Yoshukai Patch

Mamoru Yamamoto's New Yoshukai Patch

Mamoru Yamamoto Founder of Yoshukai (Pictured with Yamamoto Sensei are his US Representatives, Shihan Mike Culbreth (standing on Yamamoto Sensei's left side) and Shihan Hiroaki Toyama (standing on Yamamoto Sensei's right side

                                              Yoshukai International

  Mike Foster, 9th Dan and Founder: Yoshukai Karate International

Mike Foster (1940- ) began training in Goju-ryu Karate in 1956. In 1957, and after his Ni-dan promotion in Goju-ryu his Goju-ryu teacher Watanabe, Sensei introduced him to Mamoru Yamamoto, Sensei an 8th Dan, Kyoshi in Chito-ryu under Dr. Chitose. Foster Sensei would eventually rise to the rank of Roku-dan (6th Degree Black Belt) in Chito-ryu with the title of Renshi. When Foster's teacher Yamamoto Sensei left the Chito-kai in 1963, and formed his own organization, Yoshukai, Foster remained with his teacher Yamamoto. In 1966, Foster returns to the US and is assigned as the Director of the Yoshukai Karate Association in America. In 1977, Foster would be awarded the rank of Nana-dan (7th Degree Black Belt) and the title of Kyoshi in the Yoshukai system under Yamamoto Sensei. In 1980, Foster would break away from Yamamoto to establish his own organization, The Yoshukai International which is unaffiliated with Sensei Yamamoto's Yoshukai Organization. 


 Yoshukai International Patch 

                                         US Yoshukai Karate












Yuki Koda

















David Yuki Koda. Hiroyuki Koda headed the US Yoshukai  under Mamoru Yamamoto Sensei's Yoshukai organization until his death in 1997. Upon his death he left the organization to his son David Koda. Within a few years David Yuki Koda would leave Yamamoto Sensei's organization, but would continue to run the US Yoshukai organization.



US Yoshukai Patch




The Shintora-kai (Heart or Spirit, Tiger, Association / Group) was established in the year 2004. The Association is based out of Canada. It's founder, Mr. Paul Oliver has trained many years in Chito-ryu karate-do. 

The teachings of the Association are based on the culmination of the teaching of the founder of Chito-ryu, Dr. Chitose as well as many of his senior teachers: (Tsuyoshi Chitose - present day Soke of Chito-ryu, Inomoto Sensei, Kugizaki Sensei, Kato Sensei, Tsuruoka Sensei, Higashi Sensei and Sakamoto Sensei).  was founder by Paul Oliver who has trained many years in Chito-ryu karate-do. 


Shintora-Kai Patch    Shintora Kai Canada   



                          Yoshukan Karate Association


Yoshukan karate is an amalgamation of the Yoshukai International and Chito Ryu systems.  The Association was founded by Earl Robertson who trained in Chito-ryu under many of it's seniors for many years and most recently in Yoshukai karate under Mike Foster.  Yoshukan means "House of continuous development" and reflects the Association's philosophy of constant growth, learning and development. The Association is based out of Canada.



      Yoshukan Patch